Birgit Poth-Lengefeld


Birgit Poth-Lengefeld
Birgit Poth-Lengefeld

Dipl.-Ing. Freie Innenarchitektin verheiratet, zwei Kinder

seit 2000 own planning office for interior architecture and design in Constance
1993-1999 cooperation and project management in architectural offices in Munich, Rosenheim and Radolfzell
1989-1993 communications design office in Munich
1993 degree in interior architecture and furniture design Akademie der Bildenden Künste (academy of fine arts) in Munich
1st Price: house door competition, Deutscher Werkbund
1st Price: Kind und Spiel (child and play competition in Munich)
3rd Price: student competition of the Munich Architecture and Design Museum
4th Price: Aussenräume Stein am Rhein, Switzerland


Every idea, every design has its own history. An idea is developed and a rough draft is created out of first images and visions followed by intensive deliberations on guidelines and conditions. 

Sketches, drawings and models are all methods to illustrate the idea and make the design concrete. 

If I am confident about the idea I then check the dimensions, material and its feasibility. It is important to me that the play object is characterised by a formal clarity, which of course runs throughout the whole design. 

My objective is to design objects and spaces for children that, on the one hand, stimulate playful activity and imaginative discovery and, on the other hand, make moments of surprise and amazement possible through basic experiences such as “hearing, feeling, seeing”. This not only creates areas of play but also spaces for moments of reflection and relaxation, e.g. in urban areas, which in turn promotes consumer-free behaviour.

The shape and appearance of the Street Musicians and the Mirror Rotunda abstract figures, with their mirrored turning bodies, arouse curiosity and invite you to play with them. They enhance public spaces such as squares, pedestrian zones or parks and, naturally, they can be integrated into existing urban or landscaped environments. 



Dipl.Ing. Birgit Poth-Lengefeld  Freie Innenarchitektin
Planungsbüro  für  Raum  Farbe  Design

Obere Laube 71
78462 Konstanz

tel: 07531 694255