6.51002 Climbing Structure 02


Play value
Climbing Structures made from hand-processed irregular round logs, can be integrated into a strongly nature-oriented environment due to their formal expressive character. Many children can play within a small space; Climbing Structures can even absorb the arrival of a large number of children who wish to play on it and incorporates all of them within a flowing play rhythm. Climbing Structures do not only allow for climbing, experiencing height and for having a sensual experience with hands and feet, but they can also be used as a nice seat for relaxing and observing.

for children from 6 years and teenagers, for schools, institutions for young people, sports grounds, leisure areas, parks, tourist centres

Order Number
Richter Spielgeräte GmbH
Maintenance Documents

Technical changes reserved. Exact measurements may vary, for all installation dimensions‚ refer to current installation instructions.

The equipment and the related documents listed above are according to EN 1176:2008. If a different playground safety standard is mandatory for the place of installation, the equipment and its documentation may not be appropriate. In such case please contact us for additional information before using the documents or the equipment.

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