9.06000 Dance Chimes


Play value
The Dance Chimes connect movement with experience of sounds. People of nearly all ages enjoy producing bright tones by hopping, jumping, or even dancing. Few play items produce so much smiling as this one. Both the spectators and listeners feel a moment of lightness, joy and harmony. The strong motivation produced by the Dance Chimes helps people to overcome physical inhibitions and to harmonise uncoordinated movements. However, even arbitrary hopping produces pleasant sounds which are pentatonic sequences rather than normal tones. Nine brass tiles are arranged in a square with a sound element under each. These are set into vibration by the energy of motion and thus produce ringing tones. The Dance Chimes are also valuable as therapeutic equipment for people with a variety of functional limitations and they are a very attractive and demanding play offer for young children.

for people from 4 years, for leisure areas and pedestrian zones public places, children‘s institutions, institutions for people with special needs, school playgrounds, tourist centres

Order Number
A. van Leggelo
Maintenance Documents

Technical changes reserved. Exact measurements may vary, for all installation dimensions‚ refer to current installation instructions.

The equipment and the related documents listed above are according to EN 1176:2008. If a different playground safety standard is mandatory for the place of installation, the equipment and its documentation may not be appropriate. In such case please contact us for additional information before using the documents or the equipment.

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