Wentworth Garden Centre England

Wentworth Garden Centre, Rotherham, England

Exciting water playground for young and old

In the idyllic town of Rotherham in the county of Yorkshire, the Wentworth Garden Centre is one of the most beautiful parks and gardens in the Midlands. Over thirty years ago, a spacious green space was created on 6.5 hectares of land, which is famous above all for its Japanese Garden. Over time, the park has been expanded with all sorts of tourist attractions to become an attraction for young and old alike. Since this year, the Wentworth Garden Centre now also offers an exciting water playground, which has been equipped with playground equipment in cooperation between Timberplay and Richter.

The playground pump, which is connected to several channels, allows the element of water to be experienced in a completely new way. With the rotary and flap lock, the water diverter and the bar valve, the flowing water can be dammed and diverted, at the water dispenser it can be splashed and refreshed and at the mud table the combination of sand and water stimulates a wide variety of role-playing and tactile sensory experiences.

In addition to the water area, the new playground also has a spacious sand facility, which is equipped with a structural framework and a sand handling area with crane and sand dump. Here, young and old children alike can play out the working world of adults, transport sand, climb and experience heights or simply sit on the scaffolding, dangle their legs and enjoy themselves.

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