Large Timber House on Stilts

Order number 4.10400

Play value

The Timber House is a Play House on stilts, with basic furnishings like a table and benches. It offers all the play possibilities of the Play House but has a higher play value due to the second play level. The lower play area invites den-building and adventure games but can also be cellar or stable. The stair is a stimulus for activity and can be an activity in itself, climbing, stepping, jumping and hiding.
  • children under 3 years
  • kindergarten children
  • supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after
  • school programmes or similar
  • public play areas without supervision such as playgrounds, parks or similar

Quality characteristics

The quality of our play equipment lies in the detail

  • angle cut
  • perforated
  • de-barked posts
  • Fürstenberg Permadur System
  • core-free timber
    core-free timber
    core-free timber

    sawn timbers core-free, by that formation of cracks can be reduced

  • claddings

    thickness (larch 4 - 5 cm, spruce/fir 3 - 5 cm, de-barked by hand, by that, the natural surface of the tree remains perceptible

  • tongue and groove
  • laminated wood
  • hardwood rungs
  • plywood
  • one-piece construction
  • rubber seat
  • pendulum seat
  • impact absorbing
  • Richter Hercules type rope
  • Hercules rope
  • aluminium swages
  • S-connectors
  • swing joint
  • universal joint
  • rope connection rotating
  • rope connection fixed
  • rope connection with joint
  • rope connection ball joint
  • double rope connection
  • conceales head
  • adjustable
  • strong fastening
  • end grain connectors
  • brass bush
  • steel reinforced rubber belt
  • tension device
  • traveliling crab
  • special steel cable
  • ground anchor
  • ground anchor
  • crossbar
  • chains
  • distance fitting
  • relief cut
  • ball bearing
  • net mounting
  • large gated cableway

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Reference playgrounds

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