Square Tower, height = 1.50 m

Order number 3.20500

Play value

The claddings of the tower walls are de-barked by hand allowing them to retain the natural structure of the wood. This means you can still feel where the branches used to grow on the tree, and the grain remains visible. The natural surface is more important to us than the cost savings of using industrial production. The playrooms of our towers are also little individual play-house offers and their size matches that of a child's perception. By providing intermediate floors, cosy little rooms are created; some are fitted with a hatch. A bench in the bottom room is an inviting place to meet for a chat where children feel sheltered and protected. Climbing up to the next floor in the tower is also very exciting. The various combination elements such as slide, suspension bridge, chain path etc. make the tower especially appealing. To enhance the transparency, the side walls of the tower can be fitted with four lookout slits at an additional charge.
  • kindergarten children
  • schoolchildren
  • supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after
  • school programmes or similar
  • public play areas without supervision such as playgrounds, parks or similar

Quality characteristics

The quality of our play equipment lies in the detail

  • angle cut
  • perforated
  • de-barked posts
  • Fürstenberg Permadur System
  • core-free timber
    core-free timber
    core-free timber

    sawn timbers core-free, by that formation of cracks can be reduced

  • claddings

    thickness (larch 4 - 5 cm, spruce/fir 3 - 5 cm, de-barked by hand, by that, the natural surface of the tree remains perceptible

  • tongue and groove
  • laminated wood
  • hardwood rungs
    hardwood rungs
    hardwood rungs

    climbing rungs of hardwood, milled and mortised, Ø 42 mm

  • plywood
  • one-piece construction
  • rubber seat
  • pendulum seat
  • impact absorbing
  • Richter Hercules type rope
  • Hercules rope
  • aluminium swages
  • S-connectors
  • swing joint
  • universal joint
  • rope connection rotating
  • rope connection fixed
  • rope connection with joint
  • rope connection ball joint
  • double rope connection
  • conceales head
  • adjustable
  • strong fastening
  • end grain connectors
  • brass bush
  • steel reinforced rubber belt
  • tension device
  • traveliling crab
  • special steel cable
  • ground anchor
    ground anchor
    ground anchor

    all parts used for anchoring to the ground are made of hot-dip galvanised steel respectively steinless steel

  • ground anchor
  • crossbar
  • chains
  • distance fitting
  • relief cut
  • ball bearing
  • net mounting
  • large gated cableway

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Reference playgrounds

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