Double Hanging Rope

Order number 6.51900

Play value

Our hanging ropes turn simple rope structures into exciting accesses and crossings. The playful challenge of maintaining balance attracts younger and older children alike. With a combination of walking and handrail rope, the balancing rope with holding rope ensures secure footing and helps to maintain balance. Imaginative artistic movements can be tried out on the double hanging rope. Depending on individual planning, the units can be extended with additional elements.
  • schoolchildren
  • young people
  • public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar
  • supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after-school programmes or similar

Quality characteristics

The quality of our play equipment lies in the detail

  • 1a Angle cut
    1a Angle cut
    1a Angle cut

    vertical stand posts with angle cut in the end grain section as constructive wood preservation

  • 2 Perforated
    2 Perforated
    2 Perforated

    the earth/air zone of the wood is perforated by numerous small bore holes to ensure that the impregnating agent penetrates this particularly endangered zone

  • 1 De-barked posts
    1 De-barked posts
    1 De-barked posts

    debarked means: bark, cambium and sap wood is removed; the natural shape and unevenness of the trunk is preserved

  • 2a Fürstenberg Permadur System
  • 3 Core-free
  • 4 Claddings
  • 6 Tongue and groove
  • 7 Laminated wood beams
  • 8 Hardwood rungs
  • 9 Plywood
  • 14 One-piece construction
  • 15 Swing seat
  • 16 Pendulum seat
  • 17 Impact absorbing
  • 19 Richter Hercules type rope
    19 Richter Hercules type rope
    19 Richter Hercules type rope

    Richter Hercules type rope, a combination of galvanised six-strand steel cables and polyester yarn, diameter > 20 mm, braided and bonded with very good abrasion resistance, strong sheathing even in the case of damage by puncturing

  • 19a Hercules type rope
  • 20 Aluminium swages
    20 Aluminium swages
    20 Aluminium swages

    double-conical aluminium swages with rounded-off ends

  • 21 S-connectors
  • 22 Swing joint
  • 23 Universal joint
  • 24 Rotating rope connection
  • 25 Rope connection fixed
    25 Rope connection fixed
    25 Rope connection fixed

    fixed rope connection without dangerous openings; screw connection adjustable and countersunk in the wood

  • 26 Rope connection with joint
  • 27 Ball joint rope connection
  • 28 Double rope connection
  • 29 Profiled washer
    29 Profiled washer
    29 Profiled washer

    profiled washer for covering protruding screw heads according to standard, improved pressure distribution and protection against water; impedes loosening the bolt

  • 30 Adjustable
    30 Adjustable
    30 Adjustable

    adjustable two-piece bolt connection, easy to maintain, no projecting threads

  • 31 Strong fastening
  • 32 End grain connector
  • 33 Brass bush
  • 34 Steel reinforced rubber belt
  • 37 Tensioning device
  • 38 Travelling crab
  • 39 Special steel cable
  • 41 Ground anchor
  • 41a HPL ground anchor
  • 42 Cross beam made of steel
  • 43 Chains
  • 44 Distance fitting
  • 46 Relief cut
  • 47 Roller bearings
  • 48 Fastening of nets
  • 36 Large gated cableway

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