Hugo Kükelhaus


Hugo Kükelhaus
Hugo Kükelhaus

“Life is a continuous exercise”

Born in 1900, Hugo Kükelhaus trained in carpentry and joinery and, after completing his high school certificate, went on to become a master craftsman.

He then studied sociology, mathematics and physiology in Heidelberg, Münster and Königsberg and worked as a visual artist, writer and publisher. Teaching activities, lectures in the areas of architecture and pedagogy. 

Extensive interior design activities.

Today there are several schools named after him and there are Kükelhaus foundations in Germany and Switzerland.

He is most well known for his experience field for developing the senses which, with the support of famous scientists and educators, was shown for the first time at Expo 1967 in Montreal.

Hugo Kükelhaus and Wolfram Graubner first joined forces in Herrischried/the Black Forest where Graubner had founded a carpentry and joinery workshop. Their intensive collaboration led to the first "play stations for developing the senses" for public areas.

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