Living – working – playing

Those who want to know who we are should picture this scene. Blue sky. It smells like wood. Machines hum. Spirits are high. It is progressing well. Everywhere are wooden animals, bridges, towers, a huge ship, shiny metal, colourful wooden dwarfs*... A pile of wood, which will soon be transformed into a wonderful piece of playing equipment.

We have been working like this for more than 50 years and it has been working well. What working well means for us: children, actually all people, get pleasure from our play offers. The adults almost didn't notice this. Children need space to play – preferably everywhere. Playgrounds are the substitute for playing spaces that have been lost.

The atmosphere of such a playground is the decisive criterion for how the playground is accepted by the children. The range of equipment is not so important; even very simply equipped playgrounds can become a space of wellbeing for children because the atmosphere here is particularly good.

We also try to create a good atmosphere for our staff through a high degree of self-determination and a positive working environment. Especially in our company in which many farmer from the region work, but who also run their own business at home, it is especially important to ensure there is a high degree of self-determination. We then profit from the high degree of responsibility displayed by each and every individual going about their work.

We place the following aspects in the foreground of our work:

  • self-determination
  • ease of maintenance
  • necessary safety
  • high play value
  • enduring stability
  • responsible environmental orientation

Ease of maintenance

Play equipment are not pieces of art to be looked at.
Children use them.
That is the only reason they are there.
That’s why they always have to be in a top condition.
This can only be achieved with careful maintenance.
Regular maintenance guarantees safety.
Regular maintenance is a measure to maintain value.


Stability does not mean bulky and heavy. Our thought-through designs and innovative technical details mean we can achieve solutions with which the operators, but above all the children, will enjoy for a long time to come.


As much safety as necessary. This is our principle behind the safety of our play equipment. Decades of participation in, and sometimes leading, work in German as well as European work committees have provided us with the necessary expertiseto fulfil these principles.. More...

Play value

Play value is always the central focus of our efforts to create successful play offers for children and young people. The play value of many of our designs, which have now become established standards in every playground, have proved themselves to be ground breaking and have had a decisive influence on the playground environment in Germany and the whole of Europe. More...

Environmental orientation

Since the very beginning, nature and its resources have been near to our hearts. It is for this reason that we pay particular attention to our wood and almost exclusively use certified wood from Austria. We consciously avoid treating the surfaces with paints or lacquers because we want to provide the children with the experience of natural wood. However if a spot of colour finds its way onto our equipment, it is always a water-based acrylic paint.

A few facts about Richter Spielgeräte

Founded 1967
Employees more than 100
Subcontractors 4
Company premises 11.500 m²
Production premises 1.700 m²
Number of products approx. 1200 pieces


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