Ikea Center Mega Khimki, Moscow, Russia

The “Mega Khimki” shopping centre is located on expansive grounds in Moscow’s inner city. Alongside various restaurants and shops, there is also a cinema and an indoor playground right next to a branch of IKEA.

The wooden structure, which was designed by the Moscow architectural office AFA and implemented together with Richter Spielgeräte, is composed of two stylised “trees” with several branches holding several playhouses. This spruce wood structure offers opportunities to climb and play hide and seek as well as to experience height in a secure environment inside the enclosed rope and net constructions. The slides with an extended run-out offer a racy descent from lofty heights combined with a gentle touchdown.

An important feature for parents, in the throng of people in this enormous shopping centre, is that they can see their children through the climbing nets. And for those children who don’t yet dare to climb up to the tree houses, several small playhouses offer creative opportunities for absorbed role-playing games.