Markus Ehring


Markus Ehring
Markus Ehring
  • born in Cologne in 1958
  • father of four daughters
  • studied mechanical engineering, majoring in bionics
  • inventor of numerous international patents and utility patents:
  • the "glow-in-the-dark stars” for sleepless romantics or scaredy cats, which have been illuminating the ceilings of children's rooms all over the world for almost thirty years"
  • a stretching machine for making drums for an African Djembe manufacturer
  • a robot-controlled underground car park system
  • a ration pack which heats without an oven
  • an intelligent compass which identifies the radius, diameter, circumference etc.
  • the world’s smallest exercise device, the "rotation expander"
  • the children’s instrument Klangraum nach Markus Ehring (sound space according to Markus Ehring), which is used in most German schools today
  • development and design of the film merry go round for the Mausoleum, a touring exhibition of the Sendung mit der Maus. (a famous German TV show for children)
  • public designer and winner of many international awards since 1987
  • Today his playpoints can be found on thousands of playgrounds throughout the world, (Berlin, New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, Genoa, Tokyo, Peking)
  • Cooperation with the Vortex Aquatic Structures company, who build and distribute his vision of water play areas

walking on the beach, reading, medium-format photography, bicycling, listening, marvelling


I do not believe that our work can really prevent social or cultural conflicts in urban spaces; however, what we can do is create spaces which promote respectful encounters and which can help us to work through conflicts. By perceiving differentness as lively diversity we are opening a wealth of individual but at the same time common experiences.


Markus Ehring
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