Markus Kachel


Markus Kachel
Markus Kachel

Born in Ingolstadt in 1972. Married, father of two children.

Following traineeships in the industry and at the Kunstflug design office, a course of studies in Paris and success at several competitions, I completed my diploma of industrial and product design at the State Academy of Art and Design working with Klaus Lehmann, Richard Sapper and Winfried Scheuer in 2000.

I was then awarded a scholarship by the Mia Seeger Foundation and worked on a freelance basis at several design offices, including Industrial in Stuttgart.

I founded Kachel Industriedesign in 2003. The focus of my work is on the design and construction of playground equipment, consumer and industrial goods and toys as well as products for rehabilitation and medical technology.

Spending time with my family and friends in the outdoors doing cross country running and kite flying provides a balance to my work. We also play music together.


I particularly draw inspiration from open spaces. To me this is like the Neverending Story in which the rebirth of the world begins with a glowing seed in the hand of a young boy.

Giving shape to an idea or a wish also means shouldering responsibility, evaluating needs and harmonising these with the fundamental idea. The greatest challenge however is to preserve its magic during the process.

It makes me happy when body and mind playfully unite during movement and when fantasy opens new doors. This is what I strive to achieve with my playground equipment.


Markus Kachel
Paul-Fähnle-Str. 4
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