Martin Linacisoro Suinaga


Martin Linacisoro Suinaga
Martin Linacisoro Suinaga
1992 studied industrial design at the Massana Arts and Design School, graduating with an award winning and best final piece of work at the Barcelona School
1993 collaboration with the Javier Mariscal design studio in Barcelona

cooperation with the Joan Sunyol Studio VIA Design Delta de Oro del ADI-FAD Barcelona; work on the design, planning and realisation of games for FAMOSA

1993-1995 freelance industrial design and graphics.
1995-1997 Estudio Global Design in Fuenterrabia, head of the studio department
1997-2010 founder of the mdi diseño integral studio, industrial design and graphics
  urban and interior furniture design for numerous companies, automobile companies, private households etc.
  development of several patents for fitness trails
  design of several play elements for senior citizens


After many years working in the design world, I now intend to spend my career creating games that my children will have fun playing with because this will mean that other children will also want to play with them ─ and that is wonderful! 

A little part of me also wants to be a child when I see the enviable perspective of my children, how they change things or manipulate them, enjoy and experience them. It is extremely stimulating to have an idea if a child defines it as “I don’t like that” or “How fantastic”. “Why don’t you put a pipe here? That would be much better!” or “Can’t that be a little higher?” and I ask myself: why didn’t I think about that earlier? But everything works out.

It is wonderful to be able to experience this fantastic feeling with every creation, irrespective of the design. Because this allows me the illusion and joy to feel a little bit like a child.

To work with your hands, draw, run, jump, laugh and enjoy ...

That is what inspires me to continue to design games for my clients.


Martin Linacisoro
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