Markus Sommer


Markus Sommer
Markus Sommer

After completing a trade apprenticeship in cast model building in 1993 Markus Sommer studied design. He has been working on the project Phenomenon:Mirror with Dipl.-Des. Therese Brückmann-Olivier since 1999: exhibition, objects, products related to the subject of light/material/reflection.

2003 graduation from the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee (school of arts) as product designer, thesis paper on modelling following R. Buckminster Fuller and using geodesic domes; since then research into the relationship of object-modelling-knowledge transfer.

Following on from his cooperation in 2006 with Staples & Charles ─ interpretive planning and design for museums, Alexandria/VA, USA, he worked from 2007 as a designer and model builder in Hamburg, including 2008/09 for gmp architects von Gerkan, Marg und Partner.

2009 teaching position at the HTW Berlin (university of applied sciences), master’s degree program Museumsmanagement  und -kommunikation.

Since 2009 employed by Andreas Heller Architects & Designers, Hamburg.


Observation - experimentation - perception are actions which find their artistic expression in sketches, models and objects. Play equipment is a further dimension along the path towards expressing the relationship of people to themselves and to their environment.

The equipment raises questions on the overall understanding of optics, on the act of seeing, on material and its reflection in both senses of the word: towards the outside. Your own actions can reveal the answers, for example: observation - experimentation - perception ...