Madrid Rio, Salon de Pinos and Arganzuela Park

A collaboration of skilled specialists brought together from the disciplines of architecture, design, technology and play pedagogics, under the direction oft he project leaders Javier Malo de Molina (Burgos & Garrido), Christian Dobrick (West 8) and Peter Heuken (Richter Spielgeräte GmbH) was responsible for finding the perfect design of the playgrounds. Richter Spielgeräte hosted hands-on workshops at the company location in Frasdorf, Germany. As Richter is a manufacturing company, it was possible for the working team to explore every idea right away by looking at the actual materials and production possibilities and by scribbling quick sketches and making building models (small scale and life-sized). They were thus able to efficiently come to the right decisions.

Eleven individual playgrounds were created within the „Salon de Pinos“ park. There is a toddler´s playground, a playground dedicated to climbing, one for relaxing, one for experiencing speed and many more. An integrative playground for disabled children with a special slide, a swing, a carousel, ramps, bridges and platforms was established in the neighborhood of a school.

All these eleven playgrounds are integrated into a pine tree grove that is typical fort he area, the „Salon de Pinos“. The light-coloured posts oft he play equipment, standing out against the surrounding dark stems oft he pine trees, are the eye-catchers within the „enchanted forest“ that guide the way to the play areas.

The two large-scaled playgrounds – 750 m2 each – and two smaller ones were built within the Arganzuela Park. Playgrounds where parents can play together with their children, where family ties can be tightened and where the whole family can have fun together.

One of these playgrounds is a huge slide hill with different kinds of slides: Open Slides with curves, Tunnel Slides and Wide Slides where two or even three people can slide next to each other. A large Climbing Structure invites children and grown-ups to have a go and test their abilities. In a shady pine tree grove, wild boars wait for those who dare to climb them and go for a ride. Existing bridges are used as unusual supports for different kinds of swings.