Metal ship “Sand” with Sand Transport System

We would like to follow on from our very successful wooden ships, such as the Pirate Ship in Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf, the Captain Hook Ship in Lady Diana Memorial Playground in London, the Egyptian ship “Queen of the Nile” in Fidenza, Italy, to name only a few, with a new range of modern steel ships.
The idea is to offer our customers with mid-sized budgets a piece of play equipment in the shape of a ship, and worthy of the term ship, which at the same time fulfils the expectations of children, planners and maintenance specialists.
The ship can be integrated into a harbour or a river landscape and combined with the appropriate accesses such as walkways, bridges or nets. Our production technologies are based on those of professional ship
builders. The equipment elements, made of our favourite material wood, such as access, deck planking, wheelhouse etc. contribute to the friendly play atmosphere. The hull is open underneath and made up of modular elements, out of which other types of ships can also be made.