Mountain Lake Park, San Francisco

The Richter playground set in the idyllic Mountain Lake Park in San Francisco attracts a large number of visitors, already due to its location. The company Richter Spielgeräte GmbH has designed an attractive playground on a large plot in the park with a lake and existing tree population and fitted it out with high-quality equipment. Several jumping discs, a high swings and a large climbing forest – the very first of its kind in the USA – act as a stimulus for exercise and action games. A small children’s area features stroking stones in the shape of animals and a long wooden caterpillar, enhanced with exciting elements such as “colourful” windows, a marble tun and rotating discs. Young children in particularly can get involved here in intense role-playing games. Older children and adults can also try out the “Conferences” to gain exciting insights into the amplification of sounds and tones over long distances.