Odds Farm

Odds Farm renew play interest with Richter

High Wycombe family favourite, Odds Farm have renewed their play facilities with the addition of a brand new Richter play area, designed to complement their existing Richter water and sand play areas.

One of the largest Farm Attractions in the UK, Odds Farm consistently score highly on Trip Advisor and continually reinvest to ensure visitors return time and time again. They seek to enhance their offering every year and this year made a significant investment with Richter and Timberplay to create an extensive adventure play area. This follows on from the creation of a sand and water play area, designed by Richter and Timberplay, which was introduced to the site on 2014 and a toddler play area in 2013. This new play development expands the reach of the attraction to older children as it features more challenging equipment.

A complex configuration of equipment creates a play focal point, with walkways, rope bridges and slides selected to delight children across a wide age range. Climbing Walls, Jack Straw See Saws, Jumping Discs and Hexagonal Swings all also feature. All equipment has been selected to accommodate the large number of visitors that Odds Farm regularly gets during busy periods.

Odds Farm Manager, Steve Wenman comments:
“The Play Area is a big hit with the kids, the visitor feedback has been excellent and it definitely has the wow factor we were looking for.”

Odds Farm Park was established 21 years ago near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, and has grown year on year to become one of the largest farm attractions in the UK attracting over 200,000 visitors per annum. They are one of the most high profile members of the National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN).

For further information on Timberplay (UK partner of Richter Spielgeräte), their products and services, please call 0114 282 3474 or visit www.timberplay.com.