Peter Keilbach


Peter Keilbach
Peter Keilbach
Born in 1960
Product design course of studies at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd
Lectureship for over 10 years at the School of Design in Heilbronn
Appointment to the jury of the Mia Seeger Prize. I have been awarded numerous prizes and patents over the course of my freelance work as a designer:
Red Dot, 4 x Design Award Germany, 2 x Focus Open, 2 x Design Plus, 2 x Form, BraunPrize, Mia Seeger Prize. Design for Europe
My birth beds for vertical and natural birth positions are used in almost every hospital in Germany.
I founded the keilbach brand in 1999. 
Here products are developed, manufactured and sold:
letter boxes, architectural elements, small pieces of furniture and accessories
I founded the keilbach fliegende häuser brand in 1999.
Modern summer houses and tree houses originate from room modules.


Reductionism is the principle behind my designs. Children and young people in particular
should be exposed to uncomplicated but functional products. It is beneficial to their development if not too
much is predetermined. The point is not for the designer to prove the creativity of their products in urban spaces.
It is much more about stimulating the children’s own creativity.
My daughters can occupy themselves very intensively and creativity with an old cardboard box. 


Peter Keilbach
Friedhofstraße 14
74677 Dörzbach, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 7937 990 077