Playground equipment made of concrete

Ideal for public spaces

The material concrete

Concrete is a polarising material.
It continues to be associated with the endless expanses of dreary prefabricated housing estates and therefore with characteristics such as cold, hard and uncomfortable.

But you can also look at it another way: Concrete is a material that is not only practical but, above all, also has aesthetic qualities. It can come in an almost infinite variety of shapes and colours, while its surface can be ground, polished, impregnated, oiled, waxed, painted or glazed. This makes it possible to create many different kinds of surfaces, from as smooth as glass to rough and raw. The patina the concrete develops over time and through lots of use is a very special feature.

Why make playground equipment out of concrete?

Concrete playground equipment is ideal for outdoor spaces, for example, leisure parks, school playgrounds and other public institutions because of its robust and long-lasting
properties. And assembly and inspection of the concrete equipment is very easy compared to other systems.
Moreover, concrete not only has a very special aesthetic appeal but, unlike steel and similar to wood, it also has an uneven structure. The grainy surface displays interesting irregularities, which provides children with the opportunity to explore their sense of touch.