PLAYMOBIL Learning Tree House, Diespeck, Germany

In early July 2018, the PLAYMOBIL Learning Tree House opened at the schoolyard of the primary and secondary school in Diespeck. It was a generous gift from a foundation named “Stiftung Kinderförderung von PLAYMOBIL” that promotes the education and development of children through playing and learning in an active and creative manner. Children and young people will be able to do research, hide, and face the challenges of different accesses to the tree house, which is about eleven metres long, fifteen metres wide and six metres high. The solid wooden structure offers a special place for learning directly from nature as well as for relaxing and playing. In a large room with a roofed walkway all round, the students will find a secure, protected place. Supplemented by a long Firemen’s Pole, an Inclined Chain Path and a Climbing Net, the playground with its well-balanced design is nicely embedded in a slope amidst bushes and trees.