For us, self-determination is a decisive criterion in our dealings with customers, staff and suppliers but also particularly in connection with those who are actually closest to our hearts – the children. A high degree of self-determination is particularly important for children, as only when they are able to act in a self-determining way can they develop into mature, socially competent individuals with strong characters. In a world full of rules, standards and prohibitions, is it especially difficult for children to forge their own way and explore their personal strengths and weaknesses. That is the reason why we make every attempt to maintain a high degree of self-determination with and for children.

Social responsibility

We at Richter Spielgeräte consider the provision of play spaces to be a social necessity. Above all it is children who need play for the development of their personalities; however, also youths and grown-ups find relaxation and pleasure in play.

The more appealing the play offer, the greater the incentive to take up its challenge. Also lack of exercises, social isolation and lack of sensory development can be counteracted in this way.

Responsibility for life

We feel ourselves at one with all living things. Behaving in a responsible way towards them is a prerequisite for our actions. We work for people, but above all for children. That is the reason why we always keep their future lives in mind. We respect and protect the environment and work in an ecologically sustainable way.