Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms is a 4.500 acres park that combines recreational activities for families with nature conservancy. There is a visitor center, outdoor classrooms, stables, a buffalo range, a kite flying area, a bike rental and other amenities. When the Woodland Discovery Playground was planned, the desired predicates were “bold”, “innovative” and “really fun”. The six play nests are integrated in between the existing trees and range somewhere between art and exciting play spaces.

The nests received their individual themes and were equipped accordingly. There is the “Climb and Slide Nest” with different slides going from the edge down into the nest and climbing elements for going back up. There is the “Net and Tree House Nest” with platforms and big inclined nets for climbing. The “Sand and Slide Nest” is dominated by a big tower with a Tunnel Slide, the “Swing and Spin Nest” contains different kinds of Scales, Swings and Carousels. Inside the “Tree Room Nest” there are some sensory elements like our Conference and our Metal Gongs.

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