Smale Riverfront Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

When the city of Cincinnati in Ohio/USA commissioned Richter Spielgeräte with the planning and implementation of the "Smale Riverfront Park" playground on the Ohio River, one of the wishes was to take up Cincinnati's heraldic animal. The fact that this happens to be a flying pig of all things has a long tradition: In the decades after the city was founded in 1814, Cincinnati was particularly famous for the production of salted pork, and to this day, large quantities of fat are produced here for use in the cosmetics industry. With the "Oinkithopter" play structure, Richter created a winged pig that can be scaled via a climbing net and whose belly is just as suitable as a place for relaxation and retreat as for children's role-playing games.

Around this popular attraction and against the backdrop of the city skyline, a play world was created on a spacious green area on the river bank that captivates children of all ages. In addition to various items of water play equipment such as Archimedes screws, numerous channels, dams and pumps, which can be enjoyed especially in summer to convey and channel the “wet element”, wide, undulating embankment slides invite for special fun. And on the rope structures, which combine various play modules at lofty heights, older children and young people in particular can put their sense of balance and their dexterity to the test. Several children can sit on the large revolving disc at the same time and either experience gentle movements or devote themselves entirely to the momentum of centrifugal force. Everything, of course, requires a good sense of balance.



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Innovative strategy at Smale Riverfront Park´s destination playscapes in Cincinnati

As a part of the larger masterplan to reimagine its riverfront, the city of Cincinnati played host to an innovative and nuanced park project.» Weiterlesen