Special equipment for active play

Children have a natural drive to exercise. Running about, climbing, hopping, jumping, balancing and running not only promotes motor skills, it also strengthens cognitive abilities. Before children can comprehend something, they must be able to grasp their environment. Only after all senses have been tested will they begin to understand how things correlate. To exercise and to experience the senses are prerequisites for developing a healthy self-esteem.

When children enter elementary school, they often no longer have the opportunity to act on their desire to exercise in the way they would love to. During this time it is even more important to promote this drive by offering versatile playground equipment and opportunities for inspiration.
In particular when children and young people play and experience themselves in a play scenario together with others, situations arise where they measure and compare their abilities.
This process contributes, amongst other things, to self-value and self-identity.  With our special offers for active play, we would like to motivate also older children and young people to exercise in a playful way.