Bison´s Bluff Nature Playground, Spring Valley, Schaumburg, Illinois/USA

Bison’s Bluff Nature Playground was developed to encourage children to active and passive play in a natural environment. This unique, specially designed park incorporates, above all, natural materials such as tree trunks, boulders, sand and water. It inspires visitors to open and creative types of play, similar to what earlier generations of children were able to enjoy close to their houses on meadows, in woods and around streams. The goal of Bison’s Bluff Nature Park is to inspire children and young people to learn resilience, discover the advantages of cooperation and experimentation and to shape the world around them in a self-confident way.

The Richter playground integrated here, which was opened in 2017, contains numerous exciting play elements such as slides, climbing structures, triangular platforms, and several platforms, which are reminiscent of a multilevel treehouse and topped with a shingle roof that blends into the park environment. There is also a sand and water playground, which attracts smaller children in particular and inspires them to creative play exploring the elements.

What makes this type of natural playground stand out from a typical park playground is the fact that many of the play elements such as the climbing structures, platforms and combination elements are built of natural materials. There are also a large number of information signs, intended to help children and parents use the natural play offers in the best way possible.