St. Petersburg New Holland Island

The attractive children’s playground on New Holland Island was developed and implemented by the well-known architectural firm West 8 in close cooperation with Richter Spielgeräte GmbH. The “shipyard” theme of the play world is reflected by a big playship which was deliberately left in an unfinished state of work and thus offers particularly exciting play possibilities. Modelled after the frigate “Pieter de Paul”, this ship was equipped along the lines of the traditions of Russian shipbuilders – 26 meters long and 6 meters high, it is an attraction visible from afar. The interior of the hull is divided into several levels and play spaces. Young and old can play with a variety of ropes and cannons, a telescope and a steering wheel, and thus feel like true adventurers while they plunge into the history of the island and it’s founder, Peter the Great. And right next to the play ship, there is a roofed area designed especially for the parents.

St. Petersburg - Opening New Holland Island

Winner of the ‘VII Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture’: