Stainless steel

Why do we use this material?

5.42050 Nautilusschnecke
5.42050 Nautilusschnecke

Products made of stainless steel have a high-quality appearance. We value the robustness and elegance of stainless steel. The material inspires our designers to create special shapes and concepts.

In particular, water play equipment made of stainless steel facilitates the experience of water as a pure, clear element.

In urban environments, in pedestrian areas or in squares, activity and play equipment made of stainless steel harmonises particularly well with the environment.

Products made of stainless steel in combination with other high-quality materials lend character to a location and are a sign of high standards.

Stainless steel has play value

The play value of stainless steel, like wood, can be attributed to its special sensory appeal. Temperature differences can be very clearly felt, the reflection of light is appealing to look at, the possibilities of making noises with stainless steel is very interesting – especially for children.

Stainless steel as a material for water play heightens the experience of water.

We use two kinds of stainless steel

Grade 1.4301 = a corrosion-resistant and iron-based alloy with an iron content of at least 50 %. The alloying element chrome is the most important element for stainless steel because only if the chrome content is more than 12 % is the steel provided with corrosion resistance.

This material is designated as standard under the name “stainless steel” and is non-corrosive under normal environmental conditions.

Grade 1.4571 is used by us when strong stresses are placed on equipment such as chlorinated water or sea water. Almost all equipment made from "standard" stainless steel are also available made of grade 1.4571 steel at an additional charge.

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