The Climbing Forest - a modular system

Thanks to its various degrees of difἀculty at different heights, the Climbing Forest is a a thrilling challenge for children and adults who love to exercise and enjoy testing their strength and capabilities. As the trunks and ropes provide enough space to accommodate large numbers of adventurers at the same time, the Climbing Forest is well suited for heavily frequented playgrounds.Climbing together, moving hand over hand and balancing requires skill and caution. Children improve their motor skills and their ability to assess risks in a playful manner. Encounters on a rocking rope mean that you have to coordinate what you do with the other person.

Having overcome a seemingly impossi-ble obstacle strengthens the children’s self-esteem – the proud expression on their faces when they reach the top of the Climbing Forest speaks for itself. The younger and older climbers joyfully experience how concentration and stamina help accomplish great goals.