Playground Krasnodar, Russia

Krasnodar has two new attractions to offer: a spectacular football stadium and a very special children's playground. The stadium was designed by the renowned Berlin architectural firm GMP (Gerkan, Marg and Partner) and commissioned in September 2016. The roof membrane is held in place by a cable-stayed structure and covers all 33,979 spectator seats.

In the immediate vicinity of the football stadium, the Moscow architecture AFA together with Richter Spielgeräte GmbH created a superlative playground. In addition to a Forest Fountain with pillars of different heights, equipped with sprayheads and rotors, as well as various Pedal and Long Handle Pumps, a wide variety of equipment invites young and old alike to explore.

Dance Chimes, Ferraphone or Wind Pipes show their users that acoustics and movement can be combined to form an interesting interplay. While Climbing Nets, Ropes, the Whisk, and the Rotating Disc are more suitable for older children and teenagers, the little ones are especially drawn to the friendly Snail Queen, which promotes role-playing games. The Caterpillar and the Sand Snake offer various possibilities to find a niche for hiding and playing in the sand area. In the cosy Cradle Nest, the children can enjoy a break from playing and instead sway gently and relax.