Progress and tradition

We can look back on fifty years of experience in wood and metal construction in our work for public spaces. Open to the trends of the times, our technical know-how, creativity and knowledge of the subject of people and play continues to increase. We adapt our production and our programme to current requirements while still taking our main goal into consideration: creating and maintaining a product quality that enhances people’s quality of life.


We are a purely craftsman's establishment.

Our playground equipment is built piece by piece in craftsman’s work steps. We do not have any industrial manufacturing characteristics. This means we are able to create play equipment that, as a rule, is superior to industrial products both in uniqueness – each piece of equipment is a little original – but also in the quality of the work.

There is almost no other material as suitable for handcrafting as wood.

The workers treat the material wood in a respectful way. Their feeling for what is “right” is immediately evident in the quality of the constructions. It is almost impossible to match the positive effect of the craftsmanship on the quality of life for the self-determining individual.