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Individual project planning is very important at Richter Spielgeräte

We at Richter Spielgeräte strive to support our clients in the planning and implementation of their projects in such a way that our values are reflected and children discover the newly created play spaces with eyes shining in anticipation. The result of this is that the planning team and the customer would like nothing more than to start working on the next project straight away.

Our diverse,
planning team

Our team of experienced architects, engineers, wood specialists and landscape planners examine the designated play area in detail together with the customer and implement small and large projects with a great deal of expertise and passion.

From small standard playhouses for a local nursery through themed playgrounds and national garden shows right up to major international projects with diverse climatic and safety requirements, our team is always at your side to provide advice and support. During this process we always take care not to lose sight of the underlying inspiration of Richter Spielgeräte: namely the children, their needs and a high play value.

Our planners provide advice on selecting the equipment and what types of wood to use, plan fall protection and ground anchors as well as barrier-free access to the equipment.

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