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What makes Richter Spielgeräte special?

Our idea

The playing child is our role model

Play is a form of expression for children, and one that corresponds to each phase of their life. A child’s urge to play strengthens motor skills as well as intellectual capabilities. To truly understand something, children must first be able to experience it within their environment. Only when they have explored it using all their senses can they recognise its interconnections. Playful exploration and discovery are therefore the basic foundations for healthy development.

If one asks the managing director Julian Richter what a future-proof playground looks like, he answers, “It’s a product to make children strong and support them in a world in which it is becoming more and more difficult to prepare for difficult situations as increasing over-protectionism and lack of risk result in the formation of ever-weaker characters.” This philosophy of placing the playing child and their needs at the centre of our work goes back to the very beginning of the company over 50 years ago and still exists today.

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