Sustainable planning

Playgrounds for tomorrow

Dear Reader!

In times of Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays for Future" it seems important to us to point out that the topic of sustainability and our favourite material wood are not a phenomenon of the times at Richter, but part of a fundamental philosophy of responsibility.

Wood is a natural material, it is warm and lively, and has a pleasant feel to it. In a world flooded with multimedia stimuli, whose truths and half-truths are largely found in virtual space, a consciously loving approach to Mother Nature is indispensable.

Children should hug trees instead of tablets, pick flowers instead of playing video games, develop an awareness of natural resources instead of cheering YouTube stars. We at Richter are proud that our playground equipment is able to help shape the world outside in a way that is suitable for children - especially in times of the Corona pandemic.

"Sustainable for tomorrow" is the topic of the second issue of our magazine. Enjoy reading!

Text: Dr. Chloé Zirnstein