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Jochen Fassbender

Designer of sound objects

Jochen Fassbender, born in Cologne in 1957, studied liberal arts at the Fachhochschule für Kunst und Design (university for art and design) in Cologne. He has been working as a sound artist since 1989 and holds concerts, seminars and exhibitions in Germany and internationally. He has been a university lecturer at the Institut für Audiopädie (institute for audiology) in Witten/Ruhr region since 2005 – an institution with the goal of paving the way to more conscious listening. Fassbender has been honoured with numerous art awards.

He says about his creative work: “Even as a child I was always fascinated with experimenting with everything that made a sound. I was then able to base my career on my passion for sound. I explore the sound phenomena of different materials, shapes, resonances and the types of sound creation in my sound art. I see myself here as being confronted with an experimental field of infinitely diverse possibilities. From my understanding of the most diverse sound phenomena, I develop and build innovative musical instruments and sound objects from metal, stone, ceramics or wood, to rub, stroke, blow or hit with often amazing sound properties.”

In a world that is increasingly getting louder, the ability to listen can no longer be taken for granted. Today we have to consciously learn to listen.

Jochen Fassbender

My interest lies in finding a way back to the joy of listening through lovely sounds and to communicate how easy it is to make music.”


Jochen Fassbender
Eisenbahnstr. 6
51545 Waldbröl

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