6.06500 Bouncing Flower

Josef Weber


Josef Weber (born 1966) completed a carpentry apprenticeship after finishing school. After qualifying, he worked in various timber construction companies before moving to Richter Spielgeräte GmbH in 1987.

Designs in the Richter programme

In the nineties Josef Weber, in collaboration with Sebastian Kisling, designed the “Bouncing Flower”, and in 2019 Weber developed the “Ear and Speaking Trumpet”.

“The idea for the Bouncing Flower came to me while looking at metal springs and the attempt to bring this into harmony with playing children. This may sound difficult to accomplish at first, but not when you think of what both of them like to do, namely bounce. After thinking for a while about how to make a plaything out of this, I came across the shape of flower blossoms. Children could jump from one petal to the next… and so the idea of the Bouncing Flower was born”, says Sebastian Kisling about the idea.

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Klaus Hermann Thiele
Klaus Hermann Thiele

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