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Klaus Hermann Thiele

Industrial designer

Klaus Hermann Thiele, born in 1947, studied industrial design at the Werkkunstschule, (school of applied arts), Hochschule für Bildende Künste (school of art and design) and the University of Kassel. In 1974 he founded a company for the development and distribution of toy designs, in which, in cooperation with the designer Falk Dorband, he has mainly developed play objects for therapeutic areas, but also for kindergartens, schools, day-care centres, clinics and public areas since 1978.

Designs in the Richter programme

“My major field of study was already in the area of children and the environment. The involvement with this subject is a compelling challenge as the play value of play objects is measurable through the activities of the children. Play is of central importance to children’s development. Play objects need to be physically and sensuously stimulating to children so they are able to acquire experiences and, through the stimulus to play, experience pleasure and fun.

Also social and cognitive skills develop through play. Play objects should contribute to the unfolding and promotion of these skills.

Klaus Hermann Thiele

We try to incorporate these principles into our designs. Our own personal pleasure in this area has also been one of the driving forces behind new ideas for over 30 years.”


Klaus Hermann Thiele
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