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We look back on over 50 years of company history. Founded in 1967 by Hilde Richter, the company is today managed by her grandson, Julian Richter Jr.

Playground equipment allows the child to play a role.

Hilde Richter

Over 50 years ago, when Hilde Richter from Hamburg came up with the idea of building wooden play equipment for children’s playgrounds, which until then had been dominated by steel poles, nobody could have imagined that she would achieve something so successful.

Julian Richter Sr., who studied at the Holzfachschule Rosenheim (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences), Upper Bavaria, built the first prototypes according to his mother’s sketches in a small forge near Frasdorf, where the company is still at home. The play equipment from this period still characterises the company’s product catalogue, which now contains almost 1,000 items.

Hilde Richter was not only successful in changing the way communities think – above all, she was able to pass on her vision of making the world a little bit better for children to her son and her grandson, who today runs the company. The Richters don’t simply build playgrounds, they create play worlds. A deep awareness of social and educational issues forms the basis for the family’s heartfelt understanding of children.

Richter snail

Hilde Richter’s initial design for the play figure with the name “Dorothea Snail” originated as early as 1964. Dorothea Richter later used it as an inspiration for drawing the company logo of Hilde Richter Spielgeräte.

The Richter snail has been protected by copyright since 1981 and has a high recognition value.

The snail not only stands for the like-named play character but, with its slow pace, friendly character and down-to-earth approach, it also symbolises the Richter company philosophy.

Historical milestones


Sponsor of the World Child Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Quality seal "Bavaria's strongest medium-sized companies 2024" SZ Institute

As far as possible renouncement of wood impregnation
Climbing structures are offered CO²-friendly with concrete-free assembly
Start of cooperation with Oy J-Trading, our export partner for Finland
Main sponsor of the IPA 2023 in Glasgow
Quality seal "Bavaria's strongest medium-sized companies" SZ Institute


Publication of our new main catalog and the new project book
Extension of the company premises by a new office building
Re-design of the Frasdorf playground
Beginning of the cooperation with Cornelia Duckert of freiRaum4life commercial agency
Death of Günter Beltzig

80th birthday of Julian Richter Sr.
Survival of the Corona pandemic without major economic losses and layoffs of employees
Death of Alexandr Frontov


Beginning of cooperation with Seilerei Voigt from Bad Düben
Start of cooperation with Marcus Construction, our export partner for Australia
Birth Rosalie Richter

Major project “Gathering Place” in Tulsa/USA, largest playground in the USA
Julian Richter jun. becomes sole managing director
Andreas Opperer becomes technical manager


Start of cooperation with ELO & NITZAN, our export partner for Israel and Japan
Birth Clara Richter

More than 100 employees for the first time
50th company anniversary
Project "Tulsa Riverfront Park" in Oklahoma, USA
Project "Port of Melbourne" in Australia


Project "Governor’s Island" in New York City, USA
Award ‘Australia’s Best Playground’ for the playground at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne
Start of cooperation with Ute Sauer & Thomas Macholl of TMH Handelsvertretung
André Ofner becomes sales manager

Maggie Daley Park” project, Chicago/USA
Publication of the projects book “Welcome aboard"
Start of cooperation with 3K Insaat., our export partner for Turkey
Stephan Hellthaler becomes workshop foreman


Project "Sochi Olympic Park", Russia
Beginning of cooperation with Australian export partner Baron Forge
Birth Julian Richter junior

Malesický Park” project, Prague
Start of cooperation with LLC AFAGROUP, our export partner for Russia
Start of cooperation with PUCZYŃSKI - mała architektura, our export partner for Poland


Project " Beauvoir Elementary School " in Washington, USA
Project "Dumfries House" in Scotland

70th birthday of Julian Richter Sr.
Foundation of Timberplay Scotland Ltd. by Harry Harbottle
Peter Heuken returns to the management team
ERP introduction


Start of cooperation with APE Studio, Inc. our export partner for USA
Start of cooperation with HŘIŠTĚ REJ HER, s.r.o. our export partner for the Czech Republic
Start of cooperation with Stiliom AB our export partner for Sweden and Norway
Regional garden show in Rosenheim
Purchase of Buchauer House Frasdorf
Cooperation of a pellet heating together with the municipality Frasdorf

Julian Richter jun. becomes managing director


Completion of the conference rooms in the Alpenhof

Start of cooperation with Nature Play Ireland Ltd. our export partner for Ireland
Start of cooperation with Demetra Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS our export partner for Italy
Transfer of Ströbl GmbH to the son Fritz Ströbl
Project "Dorado Beach East" in Puerto Rico
Birth Anna Richter


Start of cooperation with Ingrid Horn and Eckhart Herrmann, the H + H commercial agency and Martin Stangneth
Hall of Science” project in New York

Richter acquires the rights to Graubner equipment
“Spielstationen zur Entfaltung der Sinne” (play stations for developing the senses)
"Zoo Barcelona" project in Spain
Transfer of the company from Hermann Burlafinger to his sons Bernd and Jochen


Start of cooperation with Heidi Schönherr and Dirk Löding for German areas
Start of cooperation with LudoCrea.ch GmbH, our export partner for Switzerland
Start of cooperation with KOMPAN Hellas Ltd., our export partner for Greece

Birth Lea Richter


Ouwehands Dierenpark” project, Netherlands
Start of cooperation with Caracol, S.A.R.L., our export partner for France

First internet website of Richter Spielgeräte GmbH


Major project “Princess Diana Memorial Playground” in Kensington Gardens
Start of export to Great Britain
Start of cooperation with Timberplay Ltd., our export partner for England
Harry Harbottle becomes export manager

First ship for "Playmobil Funpark" in Zirndorf, Germany
Start of cooperation with Soveral Consultadoria e Gestão Lda., our export partner for Portugal


Death of Hilde Richter
EXPO Lisbon
First business relationships with Slovenia

Completion of the European Standard
Succession of the commercial agency Liane Weise by her niece Gabi Palme


Start of cooperation with BDU Espacios de Valor, SL, our export partner for Spain

IGA (garden festival) in Stuttgart
Start of the cooperation with Thomas Lampa
Development of the distribution network for the area of Eastern Germany


Beginning of collaboration with Peter Heuken;
Intensification of European exports
Dorband and Thiele Academy Competition

Start of cooperation with the Graubner company


Extension of the office building next to the engine shed

Beginning of cooperation with Corocord


Richter’s “Sturdy children’s house”

Festive inauguration of the playground in Frasdorf
Start of cooperation with Liane Weise and Jakob Ley


First customer event “Frasdorfer Fachgespräche”
First contacts with Arabia

1980 Beginning of collaboration with Alfons Lachauer
Beginning of cooperation with the Callwey Publishers
First Richter catalogue


Inauguration of assembly shop
Beginning of cooperation with Moser

Birth of Julian Richter
Construction of the assembly shop
35 employees


Incorporation as a “GmbH” company (managing director: Hilde Richter, Julian Richter, Hella Richter, Norbert Rechler)
Beginning of cooperation with Günter Beltzig
Richter designs the first playground adapted to the needs of the disabled in Hamburg (Borgweg  playground for the blind)

Purchase of the company premises
30 employees
Start of Julian Richter’s work on the Standards Committee
Start of cooperation with WEBER Baustoffe & Fliesen GmbH


Relocation of the sales office from Hamburg to Frasdorf
Richter products win Hamburg SAGA competition

Norbert Rechler joins the company


IGA Hamburg (garden festival)
License agreement with Hugo Kükelhaus

Completion of Julian Richter’s engineering degree
First business relationships in the Benelux-Union


Relocation of operations to Frasdorf into the Buchauer sawmill

Julian Richter begins his studies at the Holztechnikum Rosenheim (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences)


Julian Richter sets up a workshop in Bavaria
Start of own production
Actual company launch

Foundation of the company Hilde Richter Spielgeräte

Self-determined work in the Richter Spielgeräte workshop

Cooperation means co-determination


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