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Cooperation means co-determination

The 'Frasdorf Model'

A company with
a model character

“There is a private company operating in Frasdorf, which, with its model character, is interesting in two ways. Firstly for its production of playground equipment and, secondly, for its social structure, the co-determination that workers and employees have developed together. The Frasdorf model is largely an individual case, which would be impossible to simply transpose onto any other company. However it is based on such an interesting idea that both national and international media have reported on the company listed as ‘Richter Julian Spielgeräte’ in the telephone book”, wrote Elisabeth Reichert in the autumn of 1977 in a regional newspaper (Oberbayerisches Volksblatt).


The social model of the creative mind of
Hilde Richter

Our family-managed company has retained this vision to the present day and nowadays Richter Spielgeräte is not only characterised by its high standards of quality but also by its social aspects. This spirit, lived and experienced every day by over 100 employees, can be traced back to the founding years and thus to the creator of the concept, Hilde Richter. The social model, which we have tested and successfully proven in practice for three generations now, is based on an idea deserving of more attention in our working world: work is not just a necessary evil but a part of life, and one capable of generating satisfaction.

Our Richter philosophy has held true right up to this day. The co-determination of the working climate and the passion for children’s play unites the workforce and the management. The company is proud of its “human touch” and the continuation of non-hierarchal ways of speaking, discussing and working together.

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