Diana Memorial Playground London England

Diana Memorial Playground London/England

A playground for Peter Pan and his friends

Lady Di's love of children was the inspiration for the planners when designing the Lady Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. On the site of a former playground donated by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, a brand new playground was developed based on the story of this boy and his friends.

The story of the boy who never grows up touches the hearts of all generations - one would like to be right in the middle of the action.

Captain Hook's ship with its high mast, sails, cabin and lower deck invites you to explore and romp around. Nearby, in a generously designed water area, the paths of the water can be playfully explored and observed.
Not far away are the tipis of the American Indians, whose chief's daughter was captured by the pirates, and a small village with playhouses - Wendy could live in one of them.
In the tree houses the children keep an eye out for the "Lost Boys".

Ship at the Tulsa Riverfrontpark
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