Science Center Glasgow/Scotland

A wide range of sensory encounters

Equipment with sensory "exhibits"

The project at Glasgow Science Centre was driven by the client’s desire to make the outdoor area more exciting.
After attending seminars by Timberplay Scotland and visiting Richter Spielgeräte GmbH in Germany, Glasgow Science Centre equipped the project with a range of interesting sensory ‘exhibits’ in the space. The elements, including a turnstone, a stone xylophone, a dance chime, conferences, a walk-through kaleidoscope, rotating discs, a ring-sound disc, a water vortex and sound sheets, have been carefully selected to provide visitors and passers-by with a wide range of sensory encounters.
By interacting with the devices, visitors can playfully create music, experience visual phenomena and explore the physics of water and rotation. Carefully thought-out interpretations for each exhibit help visitors deepen their understanding of the individual objects.

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