Playground Bostalsee, Bosen/Deutschland

A wonderfully diverse adventure and water playground for young and old!

Interesting playground at one of the most popular excursion destinations in Saarland

With around 800,000 day visitors a year, Lake Bostalsee in the Sankt Wendel region is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Saarland. The reservoir, which was created over 40 years ago, has a water surface area of 120 hectares, part of which is protected as a biotope. An artificial lakeside promenade was created on the western shore of the lake in 2008. The water area behind it, a kind of lagoon measuring around 2,500 square meters, is separated from the rest of the lake by a weir.

The wish for the water playground created here was to create a very special play area with a unique character and to integrate it into the natural topography and local conditions. In addition, different age groups were to be addressed and inclusion aspects incorporated.

The result is a water playground that delights young and old alike with a wide range of play and exercise options.

The toddler area (0-3 years) is equipped with a sandpit and a platform with a slide. The youngest children can splash, bake and build to their heart's content as well as have their first climbing and sliding experiences on the platform.

The toddler area (3-6 years) can be reached via several suspension bridges. On the island, a wooden ship that has run aground invites children to role-play. The bow with bridge and portholes can be climbed and the bridge, rotating steering wheel and masts with flags in the midship are reminiscent of sailing on the high seas. Pirates and explorers of all ages can conquer the stern via a suspension bridge or a climbing net. There is also a tower on the "Pirate Island", from which a slide leads directly into the water. In summer, it is also possible to enjoy a little refreshment here.

The play area for older children between the ages of 6 and 10 is located on a second island, which can be reached in warm temperatures directly through the water, which is only approx. 60 cm deep, or by means of a raft with dry feet. A special feature here is an additional raft specially designed for wheelchair users. In this play area there is a large metal ship whose hull is filled with sand and can be loaded and unloaded. Young and old sailors, captains and helmsmen can immerse themselves in imaginative role play here. A slackline, one end of which is anchored on the island and the other in the water, challenges the braver ones to a balancing act.

There are also three sand dredgers on the shore, one of which is specially designed for wheelchair users and can be reached via a barrier-free ramp. Here, work processes from the adult world can be re-enacted to your heart's content. This area is supplemented by an Archimedean screw and several water and mud tables, so that there are no limits to the play with the elements.

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