Playmobil Lernbaumhaus, Diespeck, Deutschland

PLAYMOBIL Lerning Tree House, Diespeck/Germany

Creative play and learning

A tree house for the schoolyard

At the beginning of July 2018, the PLAYMOBIL learning tree house opened in the playground of the primary and secondary school in Diespeck. A generous gift from the PLAYMOBIL Children's Foundation, which enables the education and upbringing of children through active and creative play and learning. In the future, children and teenagers will be allowed to research, hide and face the challenges of different approaches in the tree house which is about eleven meters long, fifteen meters wide and six meters high. The massive wooden construction offers a special place to learn directly in nature as well as a comfortable place to linger and play. A large room with a circumferential, roofed walkway offers security and protection for the students. Supplemented by a long slide bar, a sloping chain bridge and a climbing net, the playground gets its charm from the balanced design and the embedding in the slope amidst bushes and trees.

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