Running Boards with chain handrails for suspension bridge, length = 4 m

Order number 3.66100

Play value

The Suspension Bridge is an attractive connection element in play centres. Interesting walking zones between fixed equipment increase the play value. Children have fun testing their skills on shaky ground. The walking boards are individually fastened to the carrying ropes which are suspended from joints to the support posts. As a result, the bridge floor is very flexible and enables several exciting activities. A possible alternative to the chains is the version with supporting ropes and railings made of Corocord® rope. We recommend this version in situations where the clattering of the chain handrails may be disturbing.
  • kindergarten children
  • school children
  • supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after-school programmes or similar
  • public play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after
  • school programmes or similar
  • swimming pools without supervision, such as outdoor pools, adventure pools or similar

Quality characteristics

The quality of our play equipment lies in the detail

  • 1a Angle cut
  • 2 Perforated
  • 1 De-barked posts
  • 2a Fürstenberg Permadur System
  • 3 Core-free
    3 Core-free
    3 Core-free

    sawn-timbers core-free, thus decreasing occurrences of cracking and undesired changes in shape

  • 4 Claddings
  • 6 Tongue and groove
  • 7 Laminated wood beams
  • 8 Hardwood rungs
  • 9 Plywood
  • 14 One-piece construction
  • 15 Swing seat
  • 16 Pendulum seat
  • 17 Impact absorbing
  • 19 Richter Hercules type rope
  • 19a Hercules type rope
  • 20 Aluminium swages
  • 21 S-connectors
  • 22 Swing joint
  • 23 Universal joint
  • 24 Rotating rope connection
  • 25 Rope connection fixed
  • 26 Rope connection with joint
    26 Rope connection with joint
    26 Rope connection with joint

    close-fitting connection with joint, without dangerous openings, with bush bearing and adjustable screw connection

  • 27 Ball joint rope connection
  • 28 Double rope connection
  • 29 Profiled washer
    29 Profiled washer
    29 Profiled washer

    profiled washer for covering protruding screw heads according to standard, improved pressure distribution and protection against water; impedes loosening the bolt

  • 30 Adjustable
    30 Adjustable
    30 Adjustable

    adjustable two-piece bolt connection, easy to maintain, no projecting threads

  • 31 Strong fastening
  • 32 End grain connector
  • 33 Brass bush
    33 Brass bush
    33 Brass bush

    we use bush bearings for all to-and-fro movements, which allow for self-lubrication while in use and are easy to exchange if required

  • 34 Steel reinforced rubber belt
  • 37 Tensioning device
  • 38 Travelling crab
  • 39 Special steel cable
  • 41 Ground anchor
  • 41a HPL ground anchor
  • 42 Cross beam made of steel
  • 43 Chains
    43 Chains
    43 Chains

    chains made of hot-dip galvanised steel (stainless steel/1.4571 steel at extra charge) welded before galvanising, short links, without eyelets on the connecting parts, therefore easy to exchange or shorten

  • 44 Distance fitting
  • 46 Relief cut
  • 47 Roller bearings
  • 48 Fastening of nets
  • 36 Large gated cableway

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