11.01300 Step Bench

Senior citizens

Mobility, dexterity and memory often become more limited with increasing age. These skills can be promoted and improved with our specially developed equipment for senior citizens.

Curve Track

The Curved Track improves manual agility. The up and down movement of pushing a paired handle along a specially designed track serves to…


This is a piece of equipment with the typical push and pull movements of sawing. It promotes movement and strengthening of the arms and shoulders. It…

Step Bench


The Step Bench has three different heights for sitting, according to body size and desires. Moreover, alternatively standing and sitting at…

Arm Game

In the Arm Game the alternating forwards and backwards movement of the handles in their guides can be compared to the movements of the poles in…

Bending Tree

The Bending Tree promotes the movement of the waist and hips. Walking around it requires that you simultaneously bend down to different heights.

Weight Pillars

The Weight Pillar is a column for lifting and lowering weight bars at different heights. It supports the movement and strength of the arms, wrists and…

Turning Bow

The Turning Bow provides stimulation for the arms as well as rotating movements for the hips and shoulders. You tightly hold the handles with two…

Turning Bar

The Turning Bar supports movement of the arms and wrists. With this exercise common movements are improved. You tightly hold the turning bar with both…

Turning Plate

The Turning Plate is a piece of equipment which stimulates the horizontal mobility of the shoulders and elbows. This exercise can be very beneficial…

Turning Capstan with handhold

The Turning Capstan is a piece of equipment for stimulation, particularly of the hips. By taking a good grip of the handle, a risk-free light movement…

Turning Seat with handhold

In the sitting position the Turning Seat is a comfortable and easy way to carry out hip mobility exercise. A good grip of the handle is easily…

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