Order number 7.16000

Play value

A three metre long cross-beam hangs with two ropes from a mast of nearly six metres. As the participants run around and pull on the pendulum seats, the ropes wind and turn the cross-beam upwards. When they sit on the seat again, the return force causes participants to fly around the mast in carousel fashion. The return force is dependent on the winding force. The appeal of co-operative play is increased by the fact that participants with different physical abilities can play together and increase their pleasure by co-ordinating their play. It can be used on playgrounds for older children and anywhere that younger ones let off steam.
  • school children
  • young people
  • public play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after
  • school programmes or similar
  • swimming pools without supervision, such as outdoor pools, adventure pools or similar

Quality characteristics

The quality of our play equipment lies in the detail

  • 1a Angle cut
    1a Angle cut
    1a Angle cut

    vertical stand posts with angle cut in the end grain section as constructive wood preservation

  • 2 Perforated
    2 Perforated
    2 Perforated

    the earth/air zone of the wood is perforated by numerous small bore holes to ensure that the impregnating agent penetrates this particularly endangered zone

  • 1 De-barked posts
    1 De-barked posts
    1 De-barked posts

    debarked means: bark, cambium and sap wood is removed; the natural shape and unevenness of the trunk is preserved

  • 2a Fürstenberg Permadur System
    2a Fürstenberg Permadur System
    2a Fürstenberg Permadur System

    in special cases we use the patented Fürstenberg Permadur System as an additional protection against rot

  • 3 Core-free
  • 4 Claddings
  • 6 Tongue and groove
  • 7 Laminated wood beams
  • 8 Hardwood rungs
  • 9 Plywood
  • 14 One-piece construction
  • 15 Swing seat
  • 16 Pendulum seat
    16 Pendulum seat
    16 Pendulum seat

    pendulum seat with a large rubber surface; soft, protective edge and steel insert

  • 17 Impact absorbing
  • 19 Richter Hercules type rope
  • 19a Hercules type rope
  • 20 Aluminium swages
  • 21 S-connectors
  • 22 Swing joint
  • 23 Universal joint
    23 Universal joint
    23 Universal joint

    drop-forged, hot-dip galvanised universal joint, consists of two bush bearings, for free swinging in any direction

  • 24 Rotating rope connection
  • 25 Rope connection fixed
  • 26 Rope connection with joint
  • 27 Ball joint rope connection
  • 28 Double rope connection
  • 29 Profiled washer
  • 30 Adjustable
  • 31 Strong fastening
  • 32 End grain connector
  • 33 Brass bush
    33 Brass bush
    33 Brass bush

    we use bush bearings for all to-and-fro movements, which allow for self-lubrication while in use and are easy to exchange if required

  • 34 Steel reinforced rubber belt
  • 37 Tensioning device
  • 38 Travelling crab
  • 39 Special steel cable
  • 41 Ground anchor
  • 41a HPL ground anchor
  • 42 Cross beam made of steel
  • 43 Chains
    43 Chains
    43 Chains

    chains made of hot-dip galvanised steel (stainless steel/1.4571 steel at extra charge) welded before galvanising, short links, without eyelets on the connecting parts, therefore easy to exchange or shorten

  • 44 Distance fitting
  • 46 Relief cut
  • 47 Roller bearings
  • 48 Fastening of nets
  • 36 Large gated cableway

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