10.53200 Sound Arch


A tone is not any noise but a sound which the ear perceives as pure and of constant pitch. Each material has its own sound shape. Our acoustic objects provide a special experience for young and old, often with a lasting effect.

Sound Wall with 4 elements for Curve

This half-shell is a very special piece of playground equipment and designelement at the same time. Two or more of them can be arranged to create a…

Bell Climbing Poles

Climbing poles of equal length are centrally arranged, offering children and adolescents competitive play opportunities. The reward for climbing is…

Wind Pipes

The Wind Pipes are a simple sound

equipment which enables the person

„playing them“ to experience physically

the relation of cause and effect. The…

Sound Cushions

The Sound Cushions provide an attractive activity for nearly all ages. Tones are produced by hopping on, or running over the cushions. Surprising tone…

Sound Roller

By turning the individual rollers, different sounds are generated. Participants can balance by standing on the rollers or sit on the ropes pushing the…

Musical Path, belt with textile reinforcement

A rubber belt runs over three movable transverse timbers and is fixed in the ground at either end. The movements and loads created by running and…

Wind Pumps

Three wooden columns with pump handles are placed around a central post. Raising and lowering the levers produces air pressure which drives sound…

Sea Roarer

The play possibilities of this element are not apparent until the user steps onto the stainless steel platform and discovers the rocking, jumping and…


Our Piper lets you experience another exciting acoustic phenomenon. Two sound tubes together make up a set. One serves as a pump while the other…

Phones in wood

The Phones are an attractive play item which confront people with the physical phenomena of sound waves and sound wave transmission during play.…

7.89552 Rotating Disc

Physical activity, light and shadows


6.50600 Jackstraws See-saw

Dexterity and balance