Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School

Landscape design by AECOM
The Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School playground is used by children of different ages and thus there are different degrees in challenge level inserted. The topography with steep slopes and cuttings as well as the existing old trees were a challenge but also specialties of the site that the planners made good use of. There is a Pyramid Tower with a Tunnel Slide that crosses through the ground to a lower terrace. An experience of height and speed as a reward for the children after the struggle of climbing up.
The Climbing Structure is a tease for the brave ones to do some balancing and make their way to the highest point. Others just hang out and watch a basketball game in the court next to it. The Tree Houses are a welcome hideaway for boys and girls eye to eye with birds and squirrels.
A cableway, swings, towers with climbing equipment, bridges and little houses for the little ones’ roleplay complete the range of equipment.

The playground is open to the public at the weekend and already has become a destination for excursions.

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