Hand-worked mountain larch in our workshops in Frasdorf

Richter Spielgeräte as a handcraft business

Richter Spielgeräte GmbH does not use any types of industrial manufacturing processes.

50 years of
experience working with wood

Our work is based on over 50 years of experience working with wood. With our technical skills, our creativity and our knowledge of the subject of people and play, we tailor our production and our product range to current needs, without losing sight of our key focus in the process: the creation and maintenance of a product quality that enriches the lives of people. Treading lightly on nature and its resources has been near to our hearts since the very beginning. This is the reason why we pay very special attention to our wood and only use certified wood from Austria.

No industrial

Our play equipment is manufactured piece by piece in craftsman work steps. There are no industrial manufacturing characteristics. This results in play equipment that is superior to industrial products both in its uniqueness – each piece of equipment is an original – as well as in the quality of the work itself.

Almost no other material is as well suited to handcrafted processing as wood. Our employees work with and treat the material wood with respect. As we provide a good atmosphere through a high degree of self-determination and a positive working environment, we benefit from the great sense of responsibility with which each individual pursues his or her work.

We place the following aspects in the foreground in our work: We focus on the following aspects in our work: self-determination, easy maintenance, necessary safety, high play value, lasting stability and on environmental friendliness.

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