L6.51640 Horizontal Triangular Net


The ropes of our partners are processed in our own ropeworks.

The profession of ropemaker

The profession that has fallen into obscurity in recent years has its place with us. The in-house ropeworks supplies the business with high-quality ropes and nets to meet the special requirements of our company.

Hercules-style ropes

These special ropes consist of six galvanised, steel wire strands.

Each individual strand is tightly wrapped with a polyester yarn, edge ropes are additionally reinforced with a steel wire core.
Ropes of the special “Hercules” type are tempered, which means the polyamide yarn is inductively fused around each steel-wire cable, so that when friction removes the surface fibres of the yarn, a hard polyamide coating remains to protect each strand. This significantly increases the abrasion resistance.

5.02000 Building Site
Recommended materials

Wood, stainless steel, concrete and rope


4.24135 Pony, 4.24130 Horse

Our mountain larch